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Our Japanese bed frames take inspiration from Japan to create a minimal, Oriental-influenced bed design. Available in a wide selection of sizes and wooden finishes

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About Japanese Beds

Our Japanese style beds are a contemporary interpretation of the Japanese futon, providing Western-style bedding while still giving the customer a more traditional experience. The structure is low to the ground, unlike typical Western-style beds, and our Japanese platform storage beds have an effective under-bed storage area which aids in maintaining a tidy space. A Japanese wood bed frame is a simple bed that is carefully crafted with love and care for your comfort.

Spaces with low ceilings and small dimensions will benefit from a Japanese bed frame’s compact and supportive wooden frame. 

Japanese Bed Dimensions

Our Japanese bed frames come in 8 standard sizes, starting from twin sized beds and up to super Emperor beds. Thanks to the fact that each Japanese bed frame is handmade by our expert craftsmen, each one is also able to be made to a custom size with our made to measure service to ensure that you are getting the perfect bed for you and your needs.


Getting the Perfect Finish

At Get Laid Beds, our Japanese bed frames are available in a total of 17 different solid woods and finishes, from neutral oak bed frames which will make your Japanese bed frame even more natural looking to warm white bed frames which look great in the Japanese style to compliment the minimal feel of many bedrooms.

This means, whatever your style or the color you’re after, we’ll have a Japanese wood bed that’s a perfect fit for your bedroom.

Browse and buy, or get in touch to begin your bespoke bed journey with us today.


Why Buy a Japanese Bed Frame?

Japanese bed frames are known for their minimalist and stylish design, which can complement any bedroom decor. They are also space-saving, easy to clean and maintain, and can last for a long time due to their sturdy construction. As with all our bed frames, our Japanese wood bed frames come with an 11 year guarantee for extra piece of mind.

 A Japanese wood bed frame can provide various health benefits, such as improved posture, reduced back pain, better circulation, and enhanced sleep quality. Its low height and firm base can help align your spine and reduce pressure points, which can lead to a more restful night's sleep. 

A Japanese bed frame is deeply rooted in traditional Japanese sleeping culture, which emphasizes simplicity and mindfulness. Owning a Japanese bed frame can help you connect with this cultural heritage and promote a more mindful and relaxing sleep environment. 

If you want to know more about Japanese bed frames, check out our guides, the history of Japanese beds, which covers the rich history of Japanese style bed frames or find out more benefits of Japanese beds if you want to know more about how they can enhance your sleep space.

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