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Never Settle For Less Than 100% Solid Wood Slats

A Note From Our Master Craftsmen

"Solid slats are more durable and provide greater levels of support than sprung slats, which are often made using cheap woods and finishes like Veneers, Laminate and MDF. The thickness of these materials are less than half the density of our solid slats. A common misunderstanding is that the movement of sprung slats provide support. This is false. The opposite is true as continuous movement weakens the frame and wears down your mattress. Providing uneven support for your body that significantly deteriorates over time. Never settle for less than solid slats for your bed."

- Dave Stansbridge (Master Craftsmen - 25 Years Experience In Carpentry & Wood Work)

Uncompromised Quality

We Handcraft Each Slat For Optimal Support & Durability

2x Thicker & Wider Slats

Superior To The Industry Average

Our solid slats cover 70% of the base of your wooden bed and are more than twice as wide (120mm vs. 63mm) and thick (19mm vs. 8mm) as sprung slats. This creates a durable foundation that will stand the test of time.

Exceptional Weight Durability

Withstanding The Average Weight of 6 People

Both our solid slats and foundation is expertly designed to withstand an astonishing 474kg of weight. We use superior joints in our solid slats by screwing each slat into the batton on the long rail for maximum durability. This is significantly more secure than using brackets that are often provided with sprung slats. It means our beds can withstand more weight and easily cope with significant pressure.

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Central Support Isn’t Essential

Solid Slats Have Strong Structural Integrity

A central support rail isn’t required with all of our bed sizes unlike other bedmakers. This is because our bed frames have high structural integrity as we supply a minimum of 8 slats that cover 70% of the base to provide more strength than necessary. However, on select bed frames, we do provide central support for sizes Small Super King and above, this is to accommodate for heavier mattresses.

11 Year Guarantee

Expertly Designed Bed Foundation Made With 100% Solid Wood

Attention to detail is essential for us, even if it can’t be seen from the outside. We don’t use cheap wood types like veneers or MDF in our solid slats. Every slat is made from 100% solid wood for optimum structural integrity. It’s how we offer an 11 guarantee as standard.

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Made in England - Shipped Worldwide

We now ship to more than 38 countries. Our globally renowned handmade beds can be enjoyed by everyone who values the importance of a good nights sleep.

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