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We Deliver Incredible Value By Being Direct And Avoiding Unnecessary Costs Of ‘Middlemen’

Providing Value

Reasonable Prices For Exceptional Quality

We define delivering great value as selling an exceptional quality product with an enjoyable level of customer service at a remarkable price. We cherish the relationships and community we have built with our customers, and so we ensure that we always deliver on our value promise.

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Your 11 Year Guarantee

How We Create Quality

The best way to deliver quality is to manage all aspects of production from start to finish. Every bed is expertly handcrafted by master craftsmen and made with 100% solid wood. We’re very confident in our product and we use them ourselves. So buying direct means you’ll be covered by our outstanding 11 year guarantee.

How We Deliver Value

Quality Products At Fair Prices

No Stocking Costs or Import Fee

We Ship Direct From The UK Workshop

We don’t ship any of our products thousands of miles, and it’s handcrafted here at home. By shipping directly from our UK workshop, you receive our product in days (not months) and at a remarkable price. Buying direct is always better value.

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Buy Once

Lasting Products Saves You Money

Quality and beautifully handmade products that will last for generations are central to our core values. We’re a community of British craftsmen that have refined our products to perfection over many years of customer feedback and using only 100% solid wood in its construction. It’s how we offer our outstanding 11 year guarantee. This means you only buy once. Saving you stress, money and helping to contribute to a sustainable planet. Read more on our values on our founder's page.

Made in England - Shipped Worldwide

We now ship to more than 38 countries. Our globally renowned handmade beds can be enjoyed by everyone who values the importance of a good nights sleep.

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Note: Available bed frame sizes are based on your delivery country. Please contact us if you are looking for non-standard sizes for your region.

Note: International shipping prices are charged per bed rather than per order. This is due to the bulky nature and weight of these products.